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Wednesday 14th April 2021

SISGAM Elections

SIGSAM will hold elections for new officers. To vote you must be a current member of SIGSAM by 1st April to vote.

Nominees for Chair:

  • Veronika Pillwein, RISC, Johannes Kepler University, Linz, Austria
  • Jonathan Hauenstein, Notre Dame, United States

Nominees for Vice Chair:

  • Clément Pernet, Université Grenoble Alpes, France
  • Chenqi Mou, Beihang University, P.R. China

Nominees For Treasurer:

  • Matthew England, Coventry University, United Kingdom
  • John May, Maplesoft, Waterloo, Canada

Nominees for Secretary:

  • Shaoshi Chen, Chinese Academy of Sciences, P.R. China
  • Angelos Mantzaflaris, INRIA Méditerranée, France

Monday 1st March 2021

CCA Issue 213 (Vol 54:3)

Issue 213 (Vol 54:3) of ACM Communications in Computer Algebra (CCA) is now available.

It can be accessed via the ACM Digital Library here. This requires an ACM DL subscription (provided with SIGSAM membership).

The issue contains an article by van der Hoeven and Monagan on Computing one billion roots using the tangent Graeffe method and more ISSAC 2020 Poster Abstracts.

Wednesday 27th January 2021

Conferences in 2021

Despite the ongoing pandemic there are hopes of conferences to take place in 2021. ISSAC, CASC, CICM, SIAM:AG and MEGA are allannounced. See the SIGSAM Upcoming Conference List for more details.

Wednesday 6th January 2021

Vladimir Gerdt

Vladimir Gerdt passed away on 5th January, 2021. He made numerous contributions to the fields of symbolic computation, differential algebra, and their applications in physics. He was a member of the JSC editorial board 1985-2020 and was involved with the CASC conference series since its beginning. He was an excellent scientist and a kind-hearted man.