Computer Algebra Software Citation Policy

Statement of Policy

1 May 2002

In this Statement of Policy, we shall use the term "CAS" to mean

SIGSAM encourages authors who use a CAS in published research to formally cite documentation for that CAS in the bibliography of each of their relevant publications.


Frequently an author acknowledges the use of a computer algebra system with a statement such as "These computations were performed with Mathematica version 4." When an author formally cites the use of a computer algebra system or package in the bibliography of a paper, then the system developer receives credit in citation indices. This practice will encourage development of systems and packages and help provide recognition for this work that is similar to that enjoyed by those who publish research articles.


In support of this Policy, SIGSAM has undertaken the following:


The Journal of Symbolic Computation supports this Policy. SIGSAM plans to seek the support of editors of other journals publishing work in computer algebra and symbolic computation.