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Eligible Software

The terms computer algebra and software engineering will be interpreted broadly in determining eligibility of software for the prize. If you are not sure about the eligibility of a software package, ask the Committee for clarification.

The canonical nomination will normally be software that has a large user base, is well-documented, practices innovative and good software engineering, and is cited by many publications. However, there is other work being done that does not fit this canonical model such as highly tuned and effective packages of a narrow scope that are or may be used as components in other software, or work by individuals or small groups, often largely unrecognized in traditional ways, that implements, supports, and/or maintains widely used public domain software important to the computer algebra community. The Committee realizes that such work may be worthy of the Jenks Memorial Prize and encourages such nominations, but it is important that the nominators find ways to clearly explain the impact of such work. Effective supporting letters will be essential in these cases.

Software in which a committee member has a substantial interest will not be eligible for the prize in any year such a person serves on the prize committee.

Nomination Procedures

Approximately 6-8 months before each deadline for nominations, the Jenks Memorial Prize Committee will issue a Call for Nominations. To submit a nomination, do the following:

Hints/Suggestions to Nominators

Evaluation Procedures

Hints/Suggestions to Prize Candidates

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