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SIGSAM Executive Committee

The operations of SIGSAM are governed by an Executive Committee. This committee consists of four elected officers (Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, Secretary) and the previous chair as Past Chair. The chair also appoints a newsletter Editor and an Information Director. An Advisory Board advises the Chair on all matters of interest to SIGSAM.

SIGSAM Officers

Here are the current SIGSAM officers, whose terms expire in July 2009:

Mark Giesbrecht
School of Computer Science
Faculty of Mathematics
University of Waterloo
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
mwg at

Peter Paule
Research Insitute for Symbolic Computation (RISC)
Johannes Kepler University Linz
A-4040 Linz, Austria
Peter.Paule at

Wen-shin Lee
Mathematics and Computer Science Department
University of Antwerp
Middelheimlaan 1
2020 Antwerpen, BELGIUM

Daniel Lichtblau
Kernel Technology Group
Wolfram Research, Inc.
100 Trade Center Dr.
Champaign IL 61820 USA
danl at

Other Positions

Information Director:
William J. Turner
Wabash College
turnerw at

Ilias Kotsireas
Wilfrid Laurier University
ikotsire at
Austin Lobo
Washington College
alobo2 at

Past Chair:
Emil Volcheck
National Security Agency
volcheck at

Past Editor:
David Jeffrey
University of Western Ontario
d.jeffrey at

Mailing List

The SIGSAM Officers mailing list is a private list, open only to SIGSAM officers.

Here is the List Management webpage.


ACM maintains a page of membership statistics for all SIGs. Here is the link for SIGSAM membership statistics and also current membership (requires login).

Financial Reporting System

Here is the link for the ACM's financial reporting system.


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Annual General Meeting reports

March 2005 Viability Review slides and report.

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